GALANIS SPORTS DATA’s cooperation with MEGA Channel started with the channel’s first sports broadcast, Olympiacos - Auxerre on November 22, 1989, two days after the channel’s inaugural broadcast and continued one month later, on 9/12/1989, with the Equestrian Games of the Tatoi Equestrian Club.

The partnership with MEGA was enriched over the period during which the channel was responsible for broadcasting the A1 Basketball Championship and has continued uninterrupted until 2009.

It should be noted that during the first years of operation of MEGA, cooperation was extended to events that were broadcasted live from abroad. During these broadcasts, picture was “clean fed” in the studios of Peania, and GALANIS SPORTS DATA was responsible for projecting the logos of various sponsors, along with the statistics, an extremely difficult process, requiring coordination with the foreign director.

During the last decade, where the MEGA had taken the National Men’s and Juniors’ football teams, GALANIS SPORTS DATA,in cooperation with the EPO, covered all matches on Greek ground.

With MEGA,GALANIS SPORTS DATA made ​​their firstcoverage of municipal elections in October 1990, the "DUM SPIRO ... SPORT", their first game show (May-July 1992, 13 half-hour episodes), and also the "ARION" Music Awards.

Since 2013, cooperation with MEGA Channel expanded to the channel’s shows, by providing graphics in the political show “Anatropi”.

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