GALANIS SPORTS DATA’s cooperation with basketball started in the late 1980s.

In 1989, GALANIS SPORTS DATA covered, on behalf of EOK, the European Cup Final: Real Madrid - Snaidero Caserta 117-113, in Peace & Friendship Stadium and the celebration of commemorating the 100th anniversary of the sport of basketball in the same ground from 4 to 9 June 1991 with the FIBA Centennial tournament (6 participating national teams).

Many big events in basketball in Greece followed, during which trust was developed with FIBA for the quality of services GALANIS SPORTS DATA provided, and vice versa, where the company contributed to the World Federation various analyses, such as "Rules Compliance Statistics", "Studies on the Effect of the Rules of the Game Flow", etc, which eventually led to the change of the 30'' rule to 24''.

Such events were: the 5th “Acropolis” International Basketball Tournament (and every year until today), the 1st European Junior’s Championship, the 1993 European Championship FINAL FOUR in Peace & Friendship Stadium, (where PAOK participated), the Eurobasket ’95, the Worldbasket ’98, the 7th Junior’s Worldbasket (2003) , the 29th Women’s Eurobasket in Peloponnese, the European Junior’s Championships (2006 & 2008), the European Championships for Cadets (2007), the 2000 European Championship FINAL FOUR in Thessaloniki and 2008 European Championship FINAL FOUR in OAKA, the 2009 European U20 Championship and the 2010 European Championship for Girls.

From 19 to 21 March 1996, GALANIS SPORTS DATA undertook, on behalf of FIBA, the coverage of the European Women’s Basketball FINAL FOUR in Sofia, Bulgaria. It was the first coverage of the company abroad, and a great honor for Greece in both technological level and quality of services offered.

In the next year, 20-22 April, 1997, GALANIS SPORTS DATA undertook the European Men’s Basketball FINAL FOUR in Rome, where Olympiacos was titled champion. In this competition, for the first time in Europe and in cooperation with FIBA, GALANIS SPORTS DATA transmitted results and complete statistical data live via the Internet.

During the 2001-2003 seasons and in cooperation with ULEB, the Israeli ORAD and the sponsoring company TELEFONICA, GALANIS SPORTS DATA undertook the statistical coverage of the Euroleague games in most European cities (Athens, Thessaloniki, Bologna, Tel Aviv, Istanbul, Ostend, Berlin, London, Peau, Wrotslav, Kaunas etc.) with own personnel and starting points in Athens and Thessaloniki.

In Greece, GALANIS SPORTS DATA has undertaken:

  • From 1992 to 2010, i.e. 18 years, GALANIS SPORTS DATA is the official keeper of the league’s statistics and distributor to all Media, in the context of contracts signed from the first year of operation of HEBA.
  • Since 1995-96, GALANIS SPORTS DATA keeps the official statistics of the A2 Men’s Basketball Championship on behalf of EOK

Since 2002-03, GALANIS SPORTS DATA keeps the official statistics of the A1 Women’s Basketball Championship on behalf of EOK


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