With SEGAS, GALANIS SPORTS DATA has their first extensive co-operation, which started with the preparation of the participations of the European Indoor Championships in Peace and Friendship Stadium 1995 and continued with the “Venizelia” International Athletics Meeting, the Juniors’ Balkan Games at Chania, Crete, the Spring Games and the National Championships.

During the next years, the cooperation, besides the coverage of all athletics events, extends to the computerization of various SEGAS departments (Accounting, Competitions, etc.) and to special publications, pioneering to the Greek standards, such as, “GREEK ATHLETS PORRAITS”, “THE BEST OF 1986”, “EVALUATION OF ALL GREEK CLUBS”, “COMPETITIVE & FINANCIAL EVALUATION OF ALL CLUBS (1986)”, etc.

Monitoring the international technological and sporting developments during the 80s, GALANIS SPORTS DATA designed an application which covered the results of the track and field competitions (as well as gymnastics competitions that fall under SEGAS supervision) introducing in Greece the “closed monitor circuits” in all events that run simultaneously in the field and make it difficult for journalists to watch their evolution.

Using “track & field” as a guideline, GALANIS SPORTS DATA applied all these techniques in team sports introducing one-page printouts. This was innovative at that time but became a necessity later on since organization of results became a priority for organizers over the next years.

GALANIS SPORTS DATA gathered the results of thousands of participants by covering: “Cross Country Races” (1986 in Kavala, 1987 at Meteora), National Championships and Balkan Games, “Marathon Races” (from the 5th Peace Marathon in 1987 to the “Pella Marathon” in 2007), “Piraeus Race” (1988) and all Thessaloniki “Alexander Races”.

GALANIS SPORTS DATA co-operates with SEGAS in all national and international competitions (Venizelia, Vardinogiannia, Papaflessia, International Meetings etc), that are broadcasted by television. Besides, the gathering of results, the company is responsible for the projection of the logos of all official SEGAS sponsors in these broadcasts.

Co-operation in the athletics filed extends to ERTs broadcasts and shows, such as the broadcast that was made for the World Championship in Osaka where GALANIS SPORTS DATA undertook the processing of historical data and past performances of all participating Greek athletes.

In 1995, GALANIS SPORTS DATA covered the World Championship of Marathon Race in Athens on behalf of IAAF. Since 1998, the company co-operates with IAAF in the coverage and projection of results during the “Tsiklitiria” meetings that are organized by Panellinios AC and are broadcasted by Antenna TV.


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