Chess offered GALANIS SPORTS DATA their first event, their first international event and the first co-operation abroad.

The Chess Olympiad on December 1984 in Thessaloniki and co-operation with FIDE in Dubai, in the context of the Chess Olympiad of 1986, were the events where GALANIS SPORTS DATA made many innovations:

  • The use of the IBM personal computer, which was introduced in the international market in 1981. This computer hadn’t been previously used in the processing and presentation of results as it was considered to be “insufficient”.
  • The presentation of the first “closed monitor circuit” (INFO SYSTEM) via which results were presented in various channels by the use of BBC computers.

Despite the fact that a sport is broadcasted or not, in terms of technology chess is considered to be the "guide" for many sports and it was revived with the introduction of the the Internet, since most players are playing without having to move from one place to another. In 2002, GALANIS SPORTS DATA undertook the coverage of the World Youth Championships in Crete (14-25 November), the match Kasparov - Azmaiparasvili (2003), the European Club Championship (2003) and the World Junior Championships 2003 in Thessaloniki, where games were projected live over the Internet and closed monitor circuits.


Recent Activites